IBA 2018 review

After 6 days of ambiance, exchange, and contacts the IBA2018 has set standards for the next three years and showed the trends in the industry, with everyone’s focus being on the main topic – digitization. This was the result of a survey of the 1,373 exhibitors (1,309 exhibitors in 2015) and 76,800 trade visitors (77,814 trade visitors in 2015)*.

GeoBake visited the IBA show for 3 days and we can agree, that many exhibitors are offering more digital services. Going more digital is a good development as equipment suppliers can react faster in case of technical issues. However, as a baker you might also ask yourself the question if digitalization does not make you more dependent on your equipment supplier? 

As the pictures underneath are showing, there has been plenty of room to obtain new product ideas. 

*source: IBA press release no. 26