On-Site Bakery Support

Bread, cake and patisserie products brings cultures together. We travel throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle-East and North America and assist start-up and established bakeries with a wide variety of challenges.

During our on-site support we consult and support with product development, which includes recipe improvement, production management, employee training and troubleshooting. 

  • Recipe Improvement

Whether it concerns new recipe development or optimization of existing recipes, with our knowledge of application and functionality of bakery ingredients we help to create new and more improved formulas, based on your customer needs.

  • Production Management

Managing your production means setting up daily production planning, organizing required amount of staff and controlling the production. We help you to analyze your current state of production and management from ingredients to packaging. We identify areas where improvements are needed and provide practical tools to keep a constant quality level.

  • Employee Training

Training employees helps to increase their productivity. GeoBake provides an on-site theoretical and/or practical training based on your employees’ backgrounds and

experiences. We believe there is no better way than training on-site!

  • Troubleshooting

We provide ad-hoc bakery product or process support, to solve your most critical issues in order to keep your business going.

What can you expect after our visit?

  • Product and processes improvement
  • Increase of overall efficiency
  • Increase of revenue with new and creative product ideas
  • Reducing waste and increasing consistency of your production
  • Solving ingredients and/or application issues
  • Improvement of your employees’ skills and talent

Please find underneath the link to download our On-Site-Support brochure