Bakery Process Development

What is a bakery process actually? A process is a range of activities which transforms an input like flour, water, yeast into an output like loaves, buns, rolls. The output then is delivered to customers.

Within each step of the transformation value and non-value added activities are taking place. Working efficiently means creating value to your product in each production step. Non-value added activities are the activities customers are not willing to pay; moreover, they consume resources without contributing to the product quality.

It is our challenge to identify the value and non-value added activities in the baking process of our customers. This visualizes not just one single step in the production process, but it helps to oversee the whole production process. From this point we search for the most accurate solution in order to reduce non-value added activities.

Why is it important to see the value- and non-value added activities

  • To understand the whole picture, not just individual processes
  • To see how your current baking proces is performing
  • Visualize the information flow and material flow in your bakery
  • Discover waste and the source of waste
  • To develop a new foundation for a more efficient process